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Plan a Special Valentine’s Event with Shake Down

Plan a Special Valentine’s Event with Shake Down

Valentine's Day EventLove is in the air. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are putting together a themed event in the spirit of the holiday, live music is a must. No DJ experience can compare with the fun and energy of having a live band.

Shake Down Entertainment is one of South Florida’s most popular bands for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and special events. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of having a live band play your romantic gathering.

Read the Room

A live band can read the room. Bands are comprised of people – people who put their own energy and feeling into playing their instruments and can therefore adjust their performance to please a particular crowd. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that revolves around human connections, and there is no better way to celebrate that than by having a group of talented people taking in the tone of a room and reacting accordingly.

Energetic and Exciting

A live band is more exciting. A DJ might play some great hits, both old and new, but those hits will always be there. A live band’s performance is unique. Each event a live band plays is different from the last, so your experience is truly special and one of a kind. You can listen to your favorite love songs over and over, but the ones played before your very eyes are a fleeting experience that is bound to be memorable.

Play to the Crowd

Valentine’s Day is a time to do something meaningful for the special someone in your life. If there is a song that has a deep personal meaning to your significant other, live bands can take requests. What is more romantic than a band playing an original version of your special song just for you? It seems like something out of a fairy tale or a romance movie, but it can become a reality when you work with a live band.

Shake Down Entertainment has a lot of experience playing parties, corporate events and special events. We are a group of seasoned professionals who are guaranteed to make your Valentine’s Day event or any other occasion lively, energetic and fun. We are versatile, adaptable and, most importantly, full of life and energy. If you would like to book us this February or any other time during the year, give us a call at 561-638-8836 or 561-703-6714.

3 Tips When Choosing Your Live Band’s Music, So You Don’t Kill The Vibe

3 Tips When Choosing Your Live Band’s Music, So You Don’t Kill The Vibe

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