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Shake Down Entertainment adds PreSonus 24.4.2 Mixer

Last year we replaced our old analog board with the PreSonus 24.2.2.  

All I can say is this is an amazing mixer.

The Shake Down band primarily performs at weddings, corporate events & private parties. The size of the band varies from 7 – 10 pieces and I run sound from the stage as well as being the guitar player. As you can imagine this can be a bit over whelming at times especially with three monitor mixes to also watch over. The PreSonus 24.4.2 has made my life much easier especially with the onboard EQ’s. We were able to get rid of a complete rack of EQ’s and wires eliminating the need for extra hardware and potential problems. This board is easy to use and loaded with everything you will need for a live performance or recording.