Four Reasons a Live Band Trumps a DJ

DJs Versus Live BandsWhen planning an event, there are many, many choices to be made. One of the most important decisions is how to entertain your guests. Whether you are a bride picking out music for your reception, a business associate trying to impress clients or a relative trying to throw the best birthday bash for someone special, you are going to find yourself at a crossroads – live band or DJ?

Here are the top four reasons why we think a live band trumps a DJ for any event:

Bands Energize the Crowd

Let’s face it – it is very unusual for a DJ to perfectly spin to match the “feel” of the room. A live band, however, knows how to get a crowd stoked for a one-of-a-kind wedding reception, provide sophisticated fun for a group of clients or personalize Aunt Sally’s 50th birthday with her favorite jams. A great band will synergize with your guests and even interact with them from the stage.

It’s a Live Performance

Unlike a DJ, a band provides an actual show to be watched. No matter the event you are planning, not all your guests will want to dance. A live, energetic band gives those who prefer to observe a concert performance to enjoy. The visually stimulating combination of musicians, vocalists and instruments offers an extra element to the entertainment, making it sure to be a night everyone will remember.

Music Appropriate for the Entire Event

You have to remember that your event will not just feature dancing. There will most likely be a designated time for guests to eat, listen to speeches and enjoy a few cocktails – all before the dancing portion of the evening. DJs may know how to throw together some mixes for the dance floor, but a live band is better equipped to create a beautiful transition through all parts of your event. Good music should be incorporated throughout the entire night, not just on the dance floor.

Talented Musicians

There is nothing quite like hearing a live, talented musician sing or play an instrument. Professionals will be able to coordinate songs with a theme or play a variety of music for guests of all ages. The unique personalities of the musicians mixed with their talent will set the perfect tempo for your evening. Plus, if the crowd isn’t feeling it, a live band can switch it up instantly based on the energy and feel of the audience.

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