Get the Best Experience at Your Reception with a Live Band

The holidays are one of the most popular times of year for engagements, and now that it’s in the rear view and we move into 2017, the next step is to start planning for the big event. If you’re planning your wedding in 2017 or helping someone else review their options, one of the things you need to consider is entertainment at your reception. So, what will it be: band or DJ?

The choice is clear: live band.

There are many reasons why hiring a live band for your wedding is better than hiring a DJ. Let’s take a closer look at why booking Shake Down Entertainment is the right choice for a rocking reception.

Live Band for WeddingsWedding Experience

If you want to have an overall incredible experience the night of your wedding, give your guests a live show. Not only will the crowd enjoy interacting with the band on stage, but you’ll be giving them live entertainment that is something unique to enjoy – much more so than a guy standing behind a table bopping to some tunes. Your guests will have a blast at your wedding no matter what, but if you give them a live band rather than a boring been-there, done-that DJ, they’ll be talking about your big day for years to come.

Old and New Together

If you have a few songs in mind that you know you want to hear, take a look at our songlist. We play an incredibly diverse selection of songs from the ‘50s to today, and there’s a good chance we can play your requests. If not, we can also work with you to put together songs to play during our set breaks. We’ll work with you to make your music flow smoothly all throughout the event and include all the sounds you want to hear.

Event Flow

A live band won’t only interact with your guests, we can guide the event through each of its phases. For example, if the band notices that people are getting a little worn out from dancing, we might tamp down the energy and play a few more subdued tunes. We can also help set the mood, picking songs to play ahead of your break for dinner or the cutting of the cake, and we can lead your guests back onto the dance floor with a slow and romantic ballad. You simply will have more control of the energy and mood of your reception in the hands of the talented musicians with Shake Down Entertainment.

As you start picking out your venue, catering and – of course – the dress, don’t forget your entertainment. Give us a call and let’s discuss what you have in mind for your wedding reception. Find out our availability and discuss your idea for the perfect evening with Shake Down Entertainment by calling us at 561-638-8836 or 561-703-6714 today.

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