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3 Tips When Choosing Your Live Band’s Music, So You Don’t Kill The Vibe

3 Tips When Choosing Your Live Band’s Music, So You Don’t Kill The Vibe

Music can bring people together and be so powerful, it can create a movement. It can express what you’re feeling if you can’t think of the words to say it yourself and it can invoke strong emotions.

That’s why your musical choices on your wedding day may be more important that most brides realize. Choosing the right playlist and music selections can make, or break, your wedding atmosphere.

The Songs Are Appropriate for the Crowd

Are you extremely excited that your entire family will be joining in your wedding day? You should be!

However, while you may love Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog (pardon, Snoop Lion?) your grandparents may not feel the same. If the band can’t play edited versions of your favorite rap songs, it’s a good idea to scratch the songs all together.

Tempo Matches the Situation

Not only do you want the songs to be appropriate for the crowd, you also want the songs to be appropriate for the moment. The song you walk down the aisle to will of course be a slower tempo than the song that will play while you walk into the reception.

You want that song to be upbeat and to get the guests out of their seats; it is a good transition into your first song. Make sure that the tempo of the song matches the moment.

Shorten the First Dance

Typically, couples will ask the band to play shortened versions of their first dance song, so the dance is two minutes rather than five. When the full song is played, guests will lose their pumped up wedding energy.

If you can’t shorten the song, consider a choreographed dance routine to get guests excited.

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