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Five Reasons Why You Need a Live Band at Your Next Event

Five Reasons Why You Need a Live Band at Your Next Event

You wouldn’t travel all the way to Italy just to have Chinese food, and you wouldn’t go to a concert to hear prerecorded music. So why would you host an event without having live music? Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, sweet 16, corporate event, or holiday gathering you want to have the best entertainment you can get and a live band is just what you need!

Here are five reasons why having a live band is always the way to go:

Reason 1: A live band delivers the authentic experience of having the music right in front of you. This gives your guests a much more personal feel and makes it look like you were willing to do whatever it took to have a great party.

Reason 2: A live band gives you a variety of musical choices and sounds that a prerecorded playlist or station could not. If you want the band to play multiple genres of music on many different instruments you have the ability to hear that. Otherwise you’d be stuck listening to the same songs done the same way over and over.Five Reasons Why You Need a Live Band at Your Next Event

Reason 3: A live band cuts down on the risks of technical difficulties because they don’t require every speaker to work perfectly or a device to have its battery fully charged. Yes, there can still be issues with equipment but a band can play through most small problems where an iPod could not.

Reason 4: A band captures the room and makes everything more alive and energetic allowing the guests the chance to dance and interact with the band. Of course you could pick out a song beforehand for a playlist but what’s better than hearing your favorite songs live and right in front of you?

Reason 5: A live band will absolutely make your event more memorable for everyone who was attending it. We’ve all been to some good parties and we’ve all been to some bad ones, even the bad parties were memorable if they had a good band. No one will forget your special day or event if your band allowed for everyone to have a good time. And really, the memories are the most important part of the event.

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So next time you’re considering whether or not to have a live band at your event, stop yourself and contact Shakedown Entertainment!