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Make Your Wedding Guests Jump Up & Shout

Make Your Wedding Guests Jump Up & Shout

Themed weddings are always a fun experience no matter our relation to who is getting married. Now with football getting underway for another season, the chances are that some fanatic may be holding a football themed wedding.

Now of course the typical decorations will be there and maybe even the bride and groom will get married in jerseys. Yet, if you’re looking for something special and out of the ordinary, then a live wedding band may be just what the doctor ordered.

Set… Hike!

Now even though a live band may end up costing you more than a DJ, in this situation the intangibles definitely outweigh any financial negatives. You could work with the band to organize the perfect setlist filled with songs for everyone and ones that are played at your team’s home games.

If you are feeling even more creative, you can have the band play specific sports anthems while the wedding party enters the room to make their entrances memorable. Another cool thing you could have the band do is throughout the night makes football related announcements to keep the atmosphere fun.

Things like when the band takes a break you could ask them to say, “We have reached the end of the first half”, would be a perfect fit with your theme and make your reception stand out from other themed weddings.

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