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Busting the Myths About Hiring a Live Band for Your Wedding

Live MusicWhen deciding on whether to go with a live band or DJ for your wedding, many people tend to lean towards a DJ for all the wrong reasons. Many of these reasons are actually misconceptions about live bands and aren’t true at all. If you’re looking to decide which is best for you, check out these truths about hiring a live band for your wedding.

No Variety in the Music

A common myth with bands is that the music will be canned and stale. The truth is that that’s more often the case with a DJ, as they tend to limit their library to only popular music and wedding classics. So if you or your family wanted to hear a certain song because it is special to you, the DJ might not have it. Many musicians welcome the challenge of requests and know to a wide variety of music, so they are more likely to know your request and be able to play it for you live.

Not Reliable

Some people won’t hire a band because they run the risk of one of the members not showing up. Well when you think about it, if you were to hire a DJ and they wouldn’t be able to make it, then you wouldn’t have any music at all. With a band like Shake Down, we have a 10-member team of musicians who can jump in at a moment’s notice in case a band member is sick or has an emergency, meaning that you can trust that the band you book will be the band that plays at your wedding – no matter what!

It Will Be Too Loud for the Room

You may have heard the myth that bands are too loud for smaller spaces. However, just like DJs, bands can adjust their sound to fit any type of room. If it were too loud, it could damage someone’s hearing or create bad word of mouth press – and why would we do that? Our live band experience will be scaled to meet the space, making sure everyone can hear the music without being unable to hear anything else.

Keep Things Going

Live bands also excel at keeping the party going. While a DJ can play all the tunes he or she wants and try to encourage guests to dance, bands are interactive – playing off the energy and amping up everyone’s spirits whenever it’s needed. With direct engagement and personalized playing, a live band gets everyone moving and grooving, making sure your wedding is a blast!

Shakedown Entertainment is South Florida’s premier wedding band offering music for ceremonies and receptions. For more information on our music selection or to book us for your wedding, call us at 561-638-8836 today!

Destination Wedding Entertainment With A Wedding Band

Destination Wedding Entertainment With A Wedding Band

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