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New Year Wedding Planning? Book Your Band Now!

As we begin to acclimate ourselves to writing the year “2016” on our checks and correspondence, you might be celebrating and beginning the planning of your upcoming wedding. The holiday time is one of the most popular times to get engaged, so let us first congratulate you on this momentous occasion!

Wedding PartyThe next phase of your life is exciting and will be here before you know it. As we jump into the new year, this is the perfect opportunity to start narrowing down the details of your wedding ceremony, including your venue and what kind of wedding vendors you need. Early in the planning process, you’ll start exploring options for your wedding photographer and videographer, florist, caterer, band and much more, with many couples starting to make decisions and booking shortly after the new year has rung in. That means that you don’t want to wait too long to make these decisions of who will help to make your wedding day the most magical.

While all of your wedding vendors are equally important, your wedding band will be the No. 1 source of entertainment for your wedding reception. Serving as both musical talent and MC, you will want to take the opportunity now to interview and book your band. A new year means a new schedule for the band. Wedding performers continue to get busier and fuller schedules as the year goes on, so if you wait too long, the band you had picked out might not have any openings for your wedding date.

By booking a band early, you know that you have your entertainment lined up and ready to go for the big day. Getting this integral part of your wedding celebration out of the way early ensures that you don’t have any problems with trying to line up something at the last minute and removes a big part of the myriad things there are to worry about when it comes to planning and organizing all the details that need to be in place for your special day.

Now’s the time to contact Shake Down Entertainment to plan your wedding entertainment. Offering a variety of band configurations – up to a 10-piece performance ensemble – we can cater our music and style to match exactly the kind of occasion you’re looking to have. Give us a call and let’s discuss what you have in mind. To get started, contact us at 561-638-8836 or 561-703-6714 today.